Helpful Tips to Preserve the Value of Your Vehicle

It may not be a show car, but it is YOUR car, and a responsible car owner should remain diligent in caring for their precious investment. Here are a few helpful tips on preserving the safety and value of your vehicle. Some may seem obvious, but a helpful reminder will go a long way in ensuring […]

The Biggest Mistake a Car Owner Can Make

Imagine you just bought a new car and it’s the 2nd most expensive investment you’re likely to make. You trust that it’s the right one, a beautiful color, with all the options, and all the space and storage you could ask for. Its safe. You feel secure. You have it insured. You’re good to go. Or […]

Celebrating 42 Year Serving Olympia and Beyond

As we turn the page on another successful year at Bernie’s Custom Paint, we are looking forward to serving the Olympia area for many more years to come. Whether it be collision repair, custom paint, or anything in between – our commitment to delivering superior quality and your satisfaction will continue and never waiver. We […]

7 Things to Know Before Choosing a Preferred Auto Body Shop

Before Having Your Car Repaired… Be informed! Your car is likely the second largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Preserve its value and your safety by having it repaired professionally. Some insurance companies may want you to visit their drive-in claims center before having your car repaired. You can do this, or you may […]

Hit a Deer? Bring it Here!

Deer season is here, and with it comes the plethora of bucks and does hanging out on the sides of our roads. You’ve likely already had to avoid a few. They always seem to know when you’re coming, and the perfect time to enter the path you are traveling. Did You Know? The National Highway […]

People Who Care About Auto Body Repair

When you walk into a body shop, you’re likely having a bad day. Nobody enjoys the visit to the body shop for a repair estimate. Worse yet, you’ve probably been involved in an accident.  We Understand. You’re probably thinking  “Just find me the closest body shop…” We don’t blame you. Chances are you’ve never experienced […]

Don’t Get Trapped… Get Your Satisfaction!

Involvement in an accident resulting in damage to your automobile or someone else’s can be a trying situation. You must see that the job is done right. Your responsibility is to yourself; It’s your car. You alone are responsible for having your car repaired. Be sure to have it repaired to your satisfaction by the […]

Our Body Shop Provides Worry-Free Collision and Weather Damage Repairs

What a bout of weather that was! We hope you were able to make it through with only minor dings and scratches… If you managed to escape without needing any repairs to your vehicle, congratulations, you were one of the lucky ones! For those of you who did sustain minor to severe damage, we know […]

A Millimeter Above the Rest

Bernie’s Custom Paint – The Newsletter is a new monthly feature that comes out of our shop as a means to stay connected with you, our valued customers. Welcome to the first edition. To get signed up and begin receiving these newsletters straight to your inbox, you can use the form in the lower-right of […]

Your Rights as the Consumer

Consumer Rights – Explained 1. You have the right to go to the repair shop of your choice. No insurance company can require you to go to a particular shop. 2. You are not required by law to obtain more than one estimate or appraisal. 3. Some insurance companies may want you to visit their […]