Explaining the Repair Process We Use

While your car is being repaired at Bernie’s Custom Paint, Inc., it will go through several different stages before completion. We want your mind to be completely at ease while we work. The steps outlined below should help you to better understand the process. You can always talk to your customer service representative here at […]

Bernie’s Custom Paint Supports APBA Racing and Racers

The 2011 APBA World Championships begin this weekend on Black Lake, with 90 boats pre-registered for the running July 9th-10th. The Black Lake Regatta will feature Super Stock, Pro Stock, KRR, and Crackerbox, as well as SE, 95, Comp Jet, Inboard Endurance, Grand Prix, vintage, 1 Liter Mod, 2.5 Stock, 2.5 Mod, 5 Liter, and […]

8 Facts You Have a Right to Know About Repairing Your Vehicle

Your insurance company wants your vehicle properly repaired and you to be completely satisfied with their claim service. You have specific rights and obligations that you should be aware of. Review your policy. Understand your rights. If an agreement cannot be reached between your insurance company and the repair shop, your policy has an “Appraisal […]