Our Body Shop Provides Worry-Free Collision and Weather Damage Repairs

What a bout of weather that was! We hope you were able to make it through with only minor dings and scratches…

If you managed to escape without needing any repairs to your vehicle, congratulations, you were one of the lucky ones! For those of you who did sustain minor to severe damage, we know how important your car is. For most people it is your life-line to everything – work, getting the kids to school, extra curricular activities, and so much more.

It is easy to put off repairs until a more convenient time, but the longer you wait, the more damage you may be doing.

Your precious investment needs to be safe, and you need to be back in commission as soon as possible!

We understand that it is hard enough to take the time to get into a body shop for an estimate, let alone be without your car for weeks on end while someone tries to “get to it when they can.” Many shops are being inundated with a flow of work that will be hard to keep up with over the next few weeks. Getting to it when we can isn’t good enough. You need your car, and you need it repaired as fast as possible.

That’s why we would like to extend to you, our valued customers, a worry-free way to get your vehicle fixed and back to doing what you need it to do.

We will –

  • Arrange to have your vehicle towed to us for repairs.
  • Store your vehicle inside to prevent any additional damage or security issues.
  • Provide rental car assistance if you need one.
  • Schedule additional work shifts to get your car in, repaired, and back to you as fast as possible.

You can rest easy knowing your car is in the best hands in the South Sound.

We work with any insurance company, and if you will be paying for this out of your pocket – you can even visit our Preferred Customers page and print out a discount coupon worth 13% off repairs done to your vehicle in our shop.

Don’t forget your rights and responsibilities as the vehicle owner – here are a few additional reading sources that will get you up to speed:

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Any questions or concerns can be directed to our front office by calling (360)943-4542. Give us a call and get your appointment scheduled. We look forward to serving you!


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