Preferred Customer Discount

Here’s How to Get it:

  1. Print out this discount card (Right Click – Save As – Then Print Discount Card)
  2. Bring it with you on your visit to the shop
  3. Receive 9% off the work that is done on your vehicle.

*Restrictions Apply* – See below for details


Preferred Customer Discount Rules and Restrictions:

  1. Discount will not exceed $500
  2. This includes towing, rental, or other services provided by us.
  3. Not to be used on insurance claims; i.e. insurance deductibles
  4. For insurance claims – this card can be used for additional services only.
  5. May be used to upgrade to OEM parts on insurance claims
  6. Discount card possession is not necessary to receive the discount.
  7. Discount card has no cash value.
  8. Credit will be based on gross sale not including sales tax.

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