A Millimeter Above the Rest

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Our goal with each featured newsletter is to invite you into our world, add some valuable information to your collision repair knowledge base, and hopefully bring you more comfort and peace of mind when you have to bring your vehicle to us for repairs.

Bernie has no tolerance for sloppy repairs, and in this newsletter, you’ll find out the silly little detail that we believe puts our shop a millimeter above the rest of the competition.

A Visual Guide to Proper Structural Repair

When your vehicle is in an accident, the structural frame or I-Frame may require straightening. That may sound obvious, but what you probably didn’t know is that to be within the tolerance of the manufacturer’s specifications for an automotive model’s design is a small tolerance margin equivalent to the thickness of a dime. This measure is very small; approximately 1 millimeter – the Silly Millimeter as Bernie refers to it – requiring pin-point accuracy.

Our precise computerized measuring system acts as a visual guide that helps our technicians to guarantee your repairs are in line with the manufacturer’s specifications and Bernie’s Build Tolerance. Genesis, as we know the system, also provides printed verification of these repairs for your peace of mind.

The Value in Precision

We use Genesis to assist our trained and certified technicians in restoring your vehicle to it’s pre-loss condition. Our goal is to make sure that your vehicle is returned to you square unto itself for proper structural alignment and ultimately your safety.

What does this mean for you?

We think it is silly to trust your vehicle to anyone else. In other words, you can be confident in bringing your car, truck, or SUV to Bernie’s for repairs. Our State of the Art equipment coupled with Bernie’s build tolerance means you get the best possible repairs for your precious investment.

Above all – We believe Safety is Perfection – Since 1971. And that Silly Millimeter can make all the difference in the quality of your ride and the safety of your family and friends. Schedule an appointment with us today and rest easy knowing your car is in the best hands in the South Sound.

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